Public Sector Health Care


Mindsense Therapy has comprehensive experience of supporting staff from the Public Sector including prison officers, ambulance, police personal, military, NHS and teaching staff with issues ranging from work- based stress to PTSD.

You can expect to receive bespoke care for each client accessing our service determined by personality, present level of mental health and the working environment. The Therapies used are delivered by highly qualified, registered professionals.

All interventions are research based and use psychological scaling to ensure the best results. These include CBT, Schema therapy, talking therapies, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Motivational interviewing and Solution focused therapy all delivered by friendly, compassionate professionals with the client’s best interests at heart.

For continuity and support clients are immediately allocated a personal co-ordinator to help them through the process. with a view to reaching optimum mental health and return to work commitments as quickly as possible. The referral stage involves triage and assessment by the co-ordinator before allocating the client to the appropriate therapist for their needs from a network of highly qualified professionals across the UK. If travel is difficult, we offer secure online therapy or phone therapy as per the client’s needs.

How this benefits you:


  • Be seen as a leader in supporting mental health in the workplace by increasing awareness.
  • The guarantee of providing employees with fast and effective care nationally.
  • More efficiency as an employer as recovery is promoted quickly resulting in lower staff absences.
  • The ability to provide ongoing services to prevent relapse.