Relationship Therapy

At Mind Sense Therapy, it is recognised that life together can be difficult for many couples. Affairs, dealing with children’s problems, Anger, extended families, unemployment, menopause, sexual issues, life changes and health problems can all have a challenging effect on relationships. Relationship counselling can provide a confidential space where partners can come to talk about their problems without fear of judgement or embarrassment.

Quite often couples will also attend before settling down to understand each other better, offering the chance to build a stronger foundation for the future. It is quite normal for one partner to worry that the counsellor’ will take sides with the other partner and may be reluctant to come to therapy. Counsellors aren’t there to judge but to help each person express their feelings and to understand the other’s point of view in a respectful and accepting way so that a dialogue can be opened up and help you move through areas where you feel stuck or there has been a block. It is not a miracle cure, and while many couples re-engage in a happier relationship, some may part, as a result, realise that they can’t live together happily. Whatever the outcome knowing that you have tried to address your problems can be reassuring whatever the outcome.


Betraying your partner can cause great hurt and damage to your relationship, family, self-esteem and future happiness. Whatever the reason – being unfaithful, having hidden debts or addiction, can be a very painful time for couples sometimes leading to the end of the relationship. However, a great number of people will want to work through a betrayal and understand the reasons behind it, going on to build a stronger relationship in the future.


Couples can often decide to separate or divorce in the moment without recognising the practicalities or whether the relationship could be saved. Counselling provides the opportunity to look at these areas before making the final decision – It further helps couples to get closure and let go of the relationship in a healthy way with support, going on to build better healthier relationships in the future.

Pre-marriage Counselling

We often go into relationships with a pre-formed idea of how they should be. This is created by our family experience when growing up and past relationships. Couples are now able to understand themselves better and find ways to better prepare themselves for any unsettled periods or difficulties in the future. Relationship counselling helps us to recognise stressors we may encounter (i.e. marriage, the birth of a child). Pre-marriage counselling is best done as a set of sessions over several weeks.